About the company
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   Address: 170100 Russia, Tver,
   ul. Idustrialnaya 13

   Tel: (4822) 76-51-00
   Fax: (4822) 76-51-01

   e-mail: mail@npc-express.ru
   WEB-site: www.npc-express.ru

About the company

Products of the Research and Production Center "Express" ensure safe and comfortable trip for passengers of our cars. They are reliable, simple and cost efficient.  They meet standards of rolling-stock, which is confirmed by the Russian quality certificates.

           We are constantly on a lookout for something new and seek to meet requirements of our customers, which makes our equipment competitive in the domestic and international markets.

We are ready to offer our customers reliable, cheap and safe electrical equipment and plumbing fixtures for passenger cars.


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